The Quantron Resonance System

From the MIR Space Station to the MARS Space Program, from the NBA to the Olympics, from the Vatican Hospital to the most prestigious Medical Clinics and International Antiageing Spas, the famous Quantron Resonance System is the premier pulsed electromagnetic field system of choice, preferred by more Astronauts, Professional Athletes, Healthcare Practitioners, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Health Spas over any other system.

The Quantron Resonance System is the most effective pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system on the market today. It is also the first to scientifically prove evidence of ion transport, which is an essential factor in producing cell energy. Backed by numerous clinical trials and empirical tests, and three worldwide patents the QRS has the most extensive research done on it of any other PEMF system on the market.

The cellular environment is the focus of the Quantum Medicine
Cell preservation and cell regeneration are the primary aims of Quantum Medicine and the Quantron Resonance System. With QRS the user has not only a vitalization wellness system, but also a healthcare system which can be applied in the case of diseases and physical maladies. The QRS Home System can be operated comfortably at home.
QRSactively supports the promotion of health and wellness.

QRS is revolutionary cure against pain. When used as a complementary treatment, QRS results in reduction of chronic pain and reducing the underlying causes of the pain.

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